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Camping Pod booking terms & conditions

Please note nos 8 & 9.
The Camping Pod assigned to the hirer may be used only for holiday purposes.

2. The Hirer is responsible for the conduct of his/her guests and family and shall take steps to ensure that their behaviour does not cause a nuisance, inconvenience or disturbance to other occupiers or cause damage to property belonging to the Proprietor or such other occupiers.

3. The Hirer agrees to indemnify the Proprietor in respect of any damage caused to the Proprietor's property or to the property of third parties and against personal injury caused by the Hirer or members of the Hirer’s party.

4. The Hirer’s vehicle is parked entirely at his/her risk and the Proprietor is under no liability whatsoever in respect of any damage caused by or to the vehicle from whatever cause or for the loss or damage to articles left therein.

5. The Hirer will not permit or suffer anything to be done which would endanger any policies of insurance which the Proprietor has effected in respect of its business as caravan park proprietor.

6. All refuse or litter is to be deposited in the refuse bins provided and the area surrounding the Camping Pod is to be kept in a clean and tidy condition.

7. The Hirer must give notification of any damage to the park office as soon as possible.

8. No commercial vehicles will be allowed on the park.

9. Ball games are to be kept to the 5-a-side area, and, in the interest of safety, cycling, skateboarding, and scooters etc are not permitted to be used on park.

10. Refunds will only be made if the Camping Pod is re-let on your dates. There is an administration charge of 10% of the holiday cost. The hirer may wish to consider buying cancellation insurance (available from third parties).

11. Bookings cannot be accepted from single sex parties, or groups of under 21’s.

12. A ‘Key’ deposit of £20 cash is payable upon arrival. If the Pod is found to be in reasonable condition at the time of your departure a full refund will be issued.

13. Neither smoking or cooking is allowed in the Camping Pods.

14. Pets will only be allowed in the Camping Pods at the discretion of the park manager.

15. The Proprietor will not be liable to the Hirer nor his/her guests or any dependants for any injury or loss or damage to any property howsoever caused.

16. In the event of any breach of these terms and conditions by the Hirer the Proprietor shall be entitled to give the Hirer and his/her guests and/or family immediate notice to vacate the Camping Pod and leave the park, and to charge any expenses incurred in doing so.

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